Saving Lives a Priority in Gilbert

Eyes have been on federal government in recent days, but as many of us know, it is municipal government that impacts us closest to home.  We have staff who are literally tasked with saving our lives.

We rely on our Gilbert Fire Department to come quickly to rescue our loved ones from medical emergencies and fire, as a key service we provide as a community.  And our niche business industry – the medical and life sciences fields – provide us internationally renowned experts who spend their days and nights researching and treating us – saving our lives.

This update looks at the aspects of Gilbert that are focus on saving lives, and how we continue to improve in that all-important task.

Initiatives: Livability, Technology

The Gilbert Fire Department is about to make an announcement that will leap us out in front as leaders in digital technology.  Thanks to a Gilbert resident and Intel Corp. employee who is volunteering to create an application for Gilbert, we are avoiding about $200,000 in cost to upgrade to the most state of the art technology in Electronic Patient Care Reporting.

Later this year, our firefighters will lay down their clipboards, and pick up new electronic tablets.  As another cost-saving measure, one single gateway will provide fast-speed connections to multiple tablets, and the fire vehicle itself for its communications with dispatch.  That means our patients will have automatic records created to share easily with hospitals and enter into our system, and it means staff time and taxpayer dollars saved thanks to the latest efficiencies.  It also means we will now be able to track trends and plan our training and staff for realistic expectations.

It all adds up to saving more lives.

Initiative: Economic Development

We are partners in this effort to save lives in Gilbert, as we continue to watch our medical industry grow and boom.  In February, Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers announced a planned 25,000-square-foot expansion into Gilbert, where they will provide the latest and most innovative treatments for cancer close to home in a state of the art facility.  I thank Sen. Andy Biggs and Rep. Eddie Farnsworth for joining us for this great announcement, and Mayor John Lewis and Councilman John Sentz, himself a survivor treated at the facility, for sharing in this news that will impact our economy, and the lives of our friends and family.

Employees of the Year

Lastly, we recently took time to appreciate our Employees of the Year.  We took time to honor 26 of our hard working employees for shining.  Their successes ranged from a commitment to transparency, to those whose actions at emergency operators helped guide our efforts to protect and provide this key service.  I welcome you to join me in congratulating these outstanding employees.  You can read their success stories here.

Each and every one of these employees, regardless of position, play a role in our priorities – which includes the very important one of saving and protecting lives.  Thank you.

– Patrick Banger, Town Manager