Gilbert Retains ‘Low Crime’ Position

Manager’s Update – Thursday, June 21, 2012

I am thrilled to share with you that, once again, Gilbert has retained its position as having the lowest crime rate of comparable communities in Arizona.  Based on data from the initial Uniform Crime Report (UCR), provided by the Tempe Police Department Crime Analysis Unit, Gilbert ranked first in lowest overall crime (19.3 per 1,000), first in lowest persons crimes per thousand (0.9 per 1,000), second in lowest property crimes per thousand (18.4 per 1,000), and had the second highest decline in overall crime as compared to the previous year (-6.8%).

Last week, the Town Council adopted the fiscal year 2013 budget.  All funding was assigned intentionally to support the most important services Gilbert offers based on detailed review and prioritization of funding requests.  Our team began this process by zeroing out existing funding allocations and rebuilding each department’s budget from scratch.  Using a three-year review as a minimum, we analyzed thousands of lines of spending to compare past and existing budgets and spending patterns to current needs.  We looked at each individual revenue source for the Town and projected future trends based on a detailed market analysis from private as well as public sectors.  We are proud to report that next year’s budget projects that revenues will exceed expenses.

Built upon the foundation of the Town Council’s strategic plan, the fiscal year 2013 budget emphasizes economic development growing us out of the issues we face today, mitigation of current technology risks and moving Gilbert forward to become a technology leader, while maintaining and even expanding our current service levels, as well as retaining and recruiting the best personnel to serve our community.