Gilbert’s Digital Road Map

Manager’s Update- September 13, 2012

I am pleased to announce the unveiling of the Town’s first Digital Road Map by our Chief Digital Officer, Dana Berchman.  The Road Map supports our strategic initiative to be a technology leader and sets the stage to establish the Town as a leader in citizen engagement, open government, and digital industry growth.

So, how do we do accomplish this?

One of the first steps is to redefine transparency and open government by unlocking public records and engaging our citizens through digital communications.  We are also looking to increase internet access for our residents, engage with intuitive web design, improve and expand our Social Media efforts, and develop Mobile Applications.

By coordinating digital initiatives that support the efficient and effective exchange of information and services, we will enable unprecedented transparency, communication and collaborative community development through access, open government, engagement, and industry.

The implementation of the Road Map is already underway.  We are currently in the process of a website redesign to improve the user interface and make it more citizen-centric.  The new website will include a digital newsroom that will provide residents and media a centralized location to find Town news like this video on the new and innovative Fire Station 10.

In addition, the Town is going social. We have launched an official Town Facebook page, a central Twitter account and are going to be announcing the creation of a Social Media Advisory Research Taskforce (SMART), a team of the Town’s social media leaders.

I invite you to follow us, “like” us and connect with Gilbert as we take the next steps in becoming a leader in digital communications.

-Patrick Banger, Town Manager