Grateful for Gilbert

Manager’s Update – November 21, 2012

The Thanksgiving holiday is upon us and while I’m appreciative of all that we have in Gilbert year around, I want to take a moment to convey my gratitude.

In November, I’m particularly thankful for our Veterans, especially our own Vice Mayor John Sentz. Vice Mayor Sentz recently helped coordinate a regional Veterans Day Ceremony here at Town Hall.  It was an honor to be surrounded by so many selfless men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving our country.  If you missed this uplifting event, you can view the highlights here.

I’m also grateful for our citizens who give Gilbert the vibrancy that attracts so many people to our Town.  Without citizen engagement, events like the Gilbert Days festivities would not be possible and would most certainly not be as successful as this year’s events were.  The crowds at the Gilbert Days Parade were especially remarkable and it was a great way to celebrate Gilbert’s history and heritage.  For those who weren’t able to make it to the Gilbert Days Parade, be sure to watch the video below to see what I’m referring to.  Our citizens truly care and are committed to improving our community, and for that I am extremely thankful.

Most of all, I would like to express my gratitude to Town Staff who work day in and day out to fulfill the Town’s vision of being “Best in Class”.  Whether that is through keeping our streets and community clean and safe, teaching the youth in our recreation centers or by helping local businesses grow, the work of each staff member makes Gilbert a better place to live and work.

Happy Thanksgiving, Gilbert!

-Patrick Banger, Town Manager