Happy Holidays

Manager’s Update – December 20, 2012

As I think about the tragedy that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut last week, I realize we have reason to be extra grateful here in Gilbert this holiday season. 

At a time when everyone is noticing the heroics of teachers, public safety officials and volunteers who rushed to help at Sandy Hook Elementary, I wanted you all to know how very appreciative I am of our workforce and the quality services you deliver for our residents, families and children throughout the year here in Gilbert.

Since the tragedy occurred, the Gilbert Police and Fire Departments have been working closely with our schools and EMS to be sure we are prepared if any major incidents should happen.  Both the Mayor and I have received phone calls and emails from relieved parents who were happy to see an increased police presence outside their child’s schools or wanted to commend Town staff for all we do to keep their children safe.

As we look ahead to 2013, we will continue our hard work to ensure that our community remains a safe and wonderful place to live, work and play.  I wish you all happy holidays.  Thank you for all you do for our community

-Patrick Banger, Town Manager